Someone once said “WRITE!” when I asked what I should do on a post one day… That was years ago, yet it stuck with me. 

Inside something shouted, it wanted to come out, it wanted touch the light and breathe fresh air. It sat there at the bottom of the abyss looking up, catching glimmers of light as it reflected off the ripples of my thoughts, clutching to any hint of inspiration, creating world’s upon worlds in a single moment…. 

Saying my imagination is wild, would be an understatement. From a young age I had already spent enough time day dreaming to constitute an entire series of epic novels. But I lacked one thing, attention. Not for me, that was easy to get as I’m a pretty dramatic person. But my focus, well it’s pretty shy compared to my deficit imagination. I lacked the ability to focus, and to this day, I still battle, my mind is too busy. It doesn’t stop. But instead of trying to fight it, I am going to try include it. This part of me that has been part of me since my formative years. This thing I hid so well. Even from myself. But then again, I wasn’t ever really looking for it, until now. 
Once I realised my “deficit” didn’t have to always be a hindrance, it became a tool, and if I looked after it according to how it needed to be it would produce results better than if I had just medicated myself into oblivion, and while there may be the consequences of a variant mind, the benefits now outwiegh the burdens, life is more colourful, filled with contrast, it had a sense of purpose and not just instant fulfilment, it was better to endure and overcome than to give in to comfort, and by doing that, has brought me here. Wherever this this. But I am here, now.
I’ve started this blog for two reasons, one because I have been enrolled in a pretty cool course on education that will require me to write commentary and discuss topics via blog, but also, because as with all things in my life, it is just part of the plan apparently. Sometimes the process we need isn’t always the one we are looking at, sometimes it just rocks up in your inbox and says “hey! Wanna do something cool?” And the  you have to decide, do you? So I guess in a way, this is me saying “yeah, I do!”. 
I’m also writing this now, before the course starts to remind myself where I was right now when I get there, and because there is no better time to start than now, right now, right here, with a coffee in my hand, waiting to go to set, wondering if I should mop the floor yet… 
someone once said….