Are you truly the master of your own behaviors? This lecture presents some examples that may make you think twice!

I presented this lecture to acquire the title of Docent in Biology from the Lund University, Sweden. The aim was for my peers to judge my teaching competences, and for me to convey a message to my students on a topic that is not directly related to my own research.

I used mentimeter to interact in an anonymous way with my students during the lecture, those quiz might not be available anymore by the time you look at the slides.

Results of the quiz before the lecture

Results of the quiz after the lecture:

The figures show that the students have learned about ‘the extended phenotype’ and can now name ‘5 or more host behavior manipulations by parasites’.

Feel free to reuse some of the material, do not forget to include the copy-rights, hopefully I have not forgotten any!

And please share your comments if you have any!

The (delightfully) macabre stories of host behavior manipulations by parasites