In the meadow, along the path down to the lake, a chair is waiting, it invites us to rest our tired legs, quietly listening to the grasshopper or to a moment of silence and reflection. Today it can stand as a symbol for my experience of starting a new course. The empty chair is waiting and I do not yet know what awaits me. The course is called Open Network Learning ONL211 and my blog is included as part of the work I will do in the course. ONL211 is a collaboration between different educational developers from different universities in Sweden and England. The course started as a response to the increased need to be able to use digital tools in learning and the stated demand for internationalization that all higher education institutions face.

For me, lifelong learning is in focus. I am interested in transformation processes and am inspired by the new social technology called Theory U, developed by Otto Scharmer and his team at Presencing Insititute*.

I was appointed an Excellent teacher at Örebro University in 2012 and also worked as an educational developer there in 2014 -16. Now I work as an lecturer at the School of Hospitality and Culinary Arts and Meal Science with applied aesthetics and also have part of my job as pedagogical manager.

I chose the course to invigorate myself both in my work at Örebro University and the project to develop Sångshyttan Art. I believe that these two places can energize and give me strength and courage to work with what I believe in.


* Learn more about Theory U and Presencing Institute at