Winter road

It is always sad to say goodbye after so many weeks of discussion, discovery and creativity (as well as a little confusion). This has been a turbulent start of the year with a lot of talk about ChatGPT as well as other generative AIs, and an ongoing war. We hope that ONL has helped you in providing high quality online learning and given you new ideas and strategies that can be applied in your own teaching. We hope you will keep in contact with some of your new colleagues from this course and continue to explore the field of open networked learning. It is great to see all the individual reflections, especially the final reflection posts. The reflections are also one way of connecting with us in the future. Another one is keeping an eye of for hashtags like #OpenEducation #ONL4ever or #ONL232 in your social media platform of choice! And, who knows, maybe some of us will meet at a physical event in the future!? Maybe OEGlobal 2023 in Edmonton?

Finally, all of us in the ONL team want to thank you all for sharing this journey with us and we wish you best for the remainder of 2023 and beyond!




The end of ONL231 but the learning journey goes on

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