I have read blog posts (some) but actually never thought about how they were created. Also, I think it’s a generation thing, this fascination with your own or others instant reflections on anything from climate change to your last meal. My generation is usually not that outgoing and for me as an academic it is also very important to really work with the text that I want others to see. So I just have to make the leap – old and conservative as I am…. Of course I would never blog if it weren’t for the ONL091 course that I am following. And this is just the first baby step of many in the course. I am still very confused about all that is going to happen and where I’m to find information about how to use twitter, where do I find my group, should I make this blog public, can I use the computer the whole time because I really hate to write on my phone, and….. well you’ve got it. Back soon!

The first try