ONL181 has been quite an experience. Diving into being a learner. Being confronted with knowledge gaps in areas that I had thought to be well informed about. ( e. g. my huge gaps and ignorances in digital literacy). I had the opportunity to reflect on pedagogical theories that strongly blend into what I had been thinking and doing and applying in offline teaching. This course greatly refueled my interest in how we learn and construct knowledge and motivated me to dive into that again more deeply.

I will use online teaching for various aspects of what I am doing and I already started to talk and plan the online research skills program with various people. This has significantly broadened my personal learning network (PLN) and will certainly continue to do so. I will regretfully have trouble to integrate online learning in my teaching at medical school, because that is heavily offline, but maybe that is after all not all that harmful, because by the time the med school is ready to go online and be open, I will also be.

Now, one of the major aspects of going to school has always been to form and grow networks. That has also really happened a great deal during ONL181. I extend my heartfelt thank to all members of my ONL181-PBL group 3 (great fellows! we should make our group sustainable. please!) and our facilitators Alastair and Janus (great coaches!), who have contributed a great deal to what I learned.  I am well aware that I could have learned even more if I had only allocated the adequate amount of time to the course. But I now know much better, where to start and continue to work on my skills and develop more competencies in openness, online teaching and digital literacy.

|Gregor – ONL181-PBL3 – topic 5

This is (not) the end, my friend!