Dear all ONLers,

The course team would like to thank you all for these past few months’ toil and moil within the perimeter of the course – and for all the generosity in sharing, the jokes, the laughs and the kindness displayed! We know this course has been basically another set of ‘to-dos’ on everyone’s list – so it’s about time you all get a breather after a job well done – if you take a minute or two to consider where you were regarding the level of digital literacy, when the course started on September 22nd, and where you are today , you will undoubtedly see that you have made considerable progress.

Don’t forget to fill out the Request for ONL certificate and to compile the resources you want to keep (using one or another digital tool ;o)).

We are planning to set up an alumni community for ONLers – we’ll let you know when and where to join! Meanwhile, keep in touch through the different communities.

A new iteration of the course, ONL161, will launch in February (see here). Tell your friends and colleagues (or go to this page and sign them up for notification)!

So – another 18 days until the winter solstice, then holidays – wish you all the very best!!!

The course team

Time to part company, or…?

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