What does openness mean to me? Concerning research, openness is important to reach as many readers as possible. It may however sometimes be challenging considering costs for open access and ethical issues related to data sharing. Concerning teaching, I have so far not shared my lectures online with open access. However, this course has given me some inspiration to do so. I have also been inspired to search openly assessible teaching materials for my teaching. In the introductory lecture for topic 2, by Kay Oddone and Alastair Creelman (https://play.lnu.se/media/t/0_o3kepcds), Alastair mentions open educational resources (OER), which is education material that is free to use, reuse and repurpose. An example of OER, is MOOC – Massive Open Online Course. MOOCs are accessible and open to everyone.

In the
paper “Weller,
M., & Anderson, T. (2013). Digital resilience in higher education. European Journal of Open, Distance and E-Learning, 16(1), 53.”,
the authors propose a
framework to analyze an institution’s ability to adapt to digital challenges.
This made me challenge my view of my own university, Karolinska Institutet
(KI). Although, KI is giving quite a lot of online course and even some MOOCS, we
may not be as open to change as we think. One reason could be difficulties to
adapt such a large system. I am thinking that smaller and newer universities
may perhaps be more amenable to change.

Topic 2 – Openness and sharing in higher education