In this topic we had a great deal of discussions over how to design modules of blended learning, focusing on the students experience. Some teaching is of course best teached face to face, and must remain like this. Discussions among people who dont know or trust each other for instance.

But some parts actually work better in an online setting, pure information and knowledge transmission for instance. Here you can get higher attendence to courses and especially with recorded material, students have more choice to when and how they will take in the knowledge.

Me myself I have greatly enjoyed many online courses during the pandemic, and that I can listen to podcats while walking in the forest, or listening to important videos after kids fell asleep at night. The possibility to learn when you want to learn, asynconous teaching, is much more appeling to me than only using classroom setting where everyone has to learn in an institution at the same time in the same way. All people are different and we like to learn different. For me, for instance, I learn from spoken word better when walk, than when I sit still on a chair. Maybe others are different, but I believe there are others like me around the world.




Topic 4: Blended/hybrid learning environments

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