I mentioned earlier the HarvardX course I studied last year, it actually became a part of this course as well. It was the Leaders of Learning, including the Modes of Learning from Prof. Elmore. This course put a nice framework to different kinds of learning, and also looking into the future, actually slighly foreboding the massive online teaching that later actually happened.

How to use groups, preferably of people interested in the same subject, has proven to be very effective. As Elmore’s course also pinpointed, the use of collectives in different ways will probably be an important change in the future, not only using traditional “classes” in school, set only by age and geographical limitations.

One thing we have found out also, is that meeting Face to face, doesnt’ need to be in real life. actually a Zoom meeting with two persons work perfect, if someone is travelling, or the other is feeling sick. Only when groups become bigger that around 5 people, it’s more complicated to get people to speak up and speak freely.


To summarize the ONL course in general, it has been an exciting journey. They whole idea and design is different, and it’s supposed to be so I guess. Myself had some problem navigating the whole course, and sometimes missed out on some information at first. Also the design of using groups for meeting synchronously was at first a challenge, we all had different time zones, and different works to attend to and attendance wasn’t always great. I work full time, and have sometimes problem setting times free for meetings like this.

Another challenge, what comes in all kinds of groups is how to engage yourself and your fellows. In this course this actually became a subject, and we were sort of researching the subject using ourselves as test subjects. This gave a special perspective and gave also energy to some good discussions in the group.

Looking back, I know have a better structure how to discuss the topics related to online, blended and open learning. I’m sure I will use many of the expreiences and new knowledge in the future! And one thing is for sure, we have no idea how the teaching will look like in the future 🙂


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Jon Dahlkvist


Topic 5: The future of learning

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