The best thing with my ONL group was that we were from different field and we had all different knowledge and experience. We had also different reasons why we participated in this course. Therefore we often choose to work so that what we did in a group could support somebody’s work. And that is what we did for this topic. One of us had participated in a really interesting seminar about the ABC- method on how you can make a traditional course to an online course. For me the ABC- method was something totally new but I found it very interesting and an easy why to ad online parts in a course or to make the hole course online.

The ABC – method is divided in six different word. Every word has a different meaning and through it you can make different online solutions in a course.

  • Acquisition
  • Production
  • Investigation
  • Collaboration
  • Discussion
  • Practice

My course mate made a really good presentation about this so instead of that I’m trying to re-write our presentation I recommend you to look at this.

The more we worked with the ABC-methods the more convinced I got that instead of doing my courses totally online I would do blended learning. My students often say that they want to come to school and have lectures instead of doing online courses. So by doing blended courses they will have both.

Topic 4: Design for online and blended learning