So little time, but so much to do… I have learnt a lot and I am happy that I actually hung in there. Not only was it rewarding to listen to the different talks and seminars, but I really appreciated and learned a lot from our group meetings. I want to say Thank you! to all the people in PBL1. We are #1 in so many ways (even if Maria always said ” it is not a competition” 🙂 )

The first thing to work on is to reflect, restructure and reconsider how I plan and interact with the students in a course. With Covid19 as my inspiration (yes, I try to look at it as an inspiration instead of something that forces online teaching on me) I have realised that there are so many ways to interact and create learning environments. My main challenge is to find the time to actually do the reflection and restructuring of the why, what and how I do.

Being fairly new in the academic world I still have a lot to learn. So I finish this course by starting a new one, namely Pedagogies for digital learning organised by Lärosäten Syd. Wish me luck!

Topic 5: Lessons learnt – future practice