Hello PBL group 12 members,

welcome to the group and ONL191! When you check-in here and have read this message, please say hello as a reply to this message, so that we can see who has successfully logged in to our group space.

You will have your first Webinar with the whole community on Monday February 25, and you hopefully will find your way to this group then. To get started in the group as well I suggest we meet on Tuesday, February 26, at 14:00 h or 2PM for those of you who are used to the AM / PM time structure.

We will get to know each other a little and make sure you find your way to the learning materials. We will also discuss how we will work together.

For our meeting on Tuesday I prepared our Zoom Room. You will get there when you click on the following link: https://kau-se.zoom.us/j/806693754

I am looking forward to working with you all, see you on Tuesday!

kind regards, Miriam


Welcome check-in and first meeting on Tuesday

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