Dear friends,

Week two of Topic 1 just started! After the first week of ONL, the number of members in the ONL community is approaching ninety! Thank you for all interesting introductions in the community and for sharing links to resources and blogs, where some of you have already started to reflect on “The Digital Me”.

Last Wednesday, there was an Introductory Webinar in Adobe Connect. The session was recorded but part of the sound somehow eluded being properly recorded – the matter is being investigated but it is yet hard to say whether the recording can be reconstructed. Sorry about this!!

There are seven PBL-groups up and running, all have had their first meeting in Google Hangout and are busy forming to get to work!
This evening Alastair Creelman hosted a Tweet Chat – 22 participants were active and there may have been more watching. Good fun and interesting discussions there! There will be another opportunity to experience a Tweet Chat later in the course.

For this week, we suggest you dig into the suggested resources for the topic and continue (or start if you haven’t already) to ponder your digital side – what is your relation to social media, which digital tools do you use for personal and professional purposes, etc. Reflect in your learning journal – blog – and share in the ONL community! You have all of this week as well as the next to finalize this first blog post (Topic 1 + 2).

The next major event for us all is a webinar about Digital Literacy with Doug Belshaw, next Tuesday, April 28th, at 7pm (19:00) CET. Don’t miss it!

Wish you all a lovely week!!

Kind regards, the ONL team

Welcome to the second week of Open Networked Learning!

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