Dear friends,

We hope this finds you well and that you are starting to feel at home in this ONL course environment! These past two weeks were meant to give you opportunity to familiarize with the different learning spaces and to get to know each other and the group facilitators through the ONL community and/or the PBL groups. We are pleased to see that so many of you have started sharing experiences and reflections in your blogs and that the PBL groups have met in hangouts and tried out collaborative inquiry based on the provided scenario.

As we are now entering Topic 2, reflect on what you have learnt so far and how this relates to your practice. You may want to add this to your blog before you finalize and share your “Digital me” post during this week. Sharing the link to your blog in our ONL community and/or the ONL bloglist will give more people a chance to read and comment! Please also share your PBL group work on Topic 1 in the ONL community. Support each other by commenting on each other’s posts in the community and/or directly in the blogs!

This second topic is about Digital Literacies – we hope for a fruitful discussion about this and how it links to our own practices. Tonight, April 28th, there will be a webinar at 7 pm (CET) in Adobe Connect with Doug Belshaw – don’t miss this opportunity to listen to his presentation and be part of the discussion! Also check out Topic 2 for other suggested activities.

Please remember, if you learn within a facilitated PBL group, to access your PBL group space in Google+ regularly and participate in the group activities. If you are having difficulties with actively participating during the week, let the group members and the facilitator know as soon as possible.

We wish you a nice week and see you online,

The ONL team

Welcome to Topic 2 – Digital literacy!

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