Thank you for a different course

For me this has been a different course with some very frustrating moments but also good learning. I feel that I have had some new ideas on how to build up an online learning study unit. Until now I have not built up a totally online course in its true meaning. There has been courses […]

Collaborative learning topic 3

I have worked as a teacher for over 20 years and I have as long worked on getting students collaborating. During the first 17 years it was collaboration in class but since 2020 it has been much more online focused. Online has not been a major learning platform for my university before the pandemic and […]

Open Learning – sharing and openness

What can be shared and what should be shared. This is a question that divides people. In my network of friends on Facebook I have friends who share everything in their lives, both good and bad things. Further I have friends who share a lot but only good things and the question is…is life always […]


Digital literacies

This topic has been interesting and I can relate to it as I have had a similar topic for my first-year students. We have during that topic looked at the student’s digital literacy as well as their digital footprint. When listening to the Webinar with David White I started thinking about the age implication. I […]

Here we go again…

I am a person who likes learning new things and adding to my knowledge means doing new things. At the turn off the year I made a professional journey change by switching from a leadership position to a teaching position, this was a choice that enabled me to take up a course in Education for […]