For me this has been a different course with some very frustrating moments but also good learning. I feel that I have had some new ideas on how to build up an online learning study unit. Until now I have not built up a totally online course in its true meaning. There has been courses during Covid but they where brought online and not really designed as online courses. I found the collaboration models super interesting and I know that I will use them in developing my course next autumn.

I felt that most webinars were interesting and many of them I felt where different than other webinars that I have followed. I like that they where less academic and more personal, thank you speakers for this.

When it comes to the group work I really enjoyed it. I felt that the group worked really well, we had similar aims and working methods. Everyone in our group participated actively and we did not have anyone leaving the group nor course. In the beginning we had many questions but the group named itself “control freaks” and that explains the group spirit. When we got a new topic we analyzed it, gave our own ideas and then decided on how to get this done. Someone said that we did not have that much discussions but we did use 2 hours to discuss and then made clear instructions on what to do and how to produce the final product. We actually worked on the final products together and really shared our ideas so that everyone where happy with the end product.

Using a WhatsApp group as a media for fast communication worked very well for us and it was a good support to the ONL group page in google.

All in all I feel that I have met new interesting people, had a lot of new info on online education, tried out some new things and been given a good portfolio on material regarding online education. I feel that ONL engaged me and got me interested in creating a good online course next autumn- so I guess it did its thing!

Thank you for a different course