Key ONL Takeaways

1. Nuanced & positive understanding of professional digital interaction I’ve long recognized the difference between ability and use of online tools. The distinction between digital visitor and resident (White) helps to frame that discussion in terms of motivation rather than ability. The concept of the many different kinds of digital literacies (media literacy, information literacy, […]

ONL211 – 5th and final!

Interesting post this could be! I mean we have no specific question as such, it can be more of a reflection or my learning journey through ONL211. I read a few posts by peers (I am supposed to) and realised that most take this reflection pretty seriously listing positive and negatives. The style vary but […]

Topic 5 – Lessons learnt and future practice

The learning experience from this course, and specifically the reflection on these topics, has made me think about the complexities, strengths and challenges of online networked learning in much more depth, as well as their related offline counterparts. What surprised me most was how much these topics were relevant for not only my pedagogical work,Continue reading “Topic 5 – Lessons learnt and future practice”