What have I learned about Open Networked Learning?

During this course, I learned from my fellow students so much about open networked learning, blended learning and how to use digital tools in an effective way. As a teacher and researcher, tackling the challenges posed to software engineering and computer science requires the combination of both the traditional roles of researcher and teacher. And […]

Thank you for a different course

For me this has been a different course with some very frustrating moments but also good learning. I feel that I have had some new ideas on how to build up an online learning study unit. Until now I have not built up a totally online course in its true meaning. There has been courses […]


Key ONL Takeaways

1. Nuanced & positive understanding of professional digital interaction I’ve long recognized the difference between ability and use of online tools. The distinction between digital visitor and resident (White) helps to frame that discussion in terms of motivation rather than ability. The concept of the many different kinds of digital literacies (media literacy, information literacy, […]