5. The course has ended, but collaborative learning continues

“COVID-19 pandemic came unexpectedly and this course was still completely unaffected by the virus. In fact, the course became a necessity and enabled both educators and learners to explore new tools and put theoretical knowledge into practice. It was also a key part of our social life!” – Summary of the course by PBL groupContinue reading “5. The course has ended, but collaborative learning continues”


Good Bey ONL!

I learnt a lot during the ONL course and I also had a good time with my PBL-Group. The best thing best were the discussions in the group with really expanded my knowledge base.Also it was nice to get different views from different countries so that I could come out of my German influenced “learning-bubble” … Continue reading Good Bey ONL!


Lessons learned

Now, my ONL journey is over. Although it wasn´t always easy to find the time for the meetings, the readings, the research, the tasks and especially the blog I´ll surely miss the regular webinars and especially meeting my PBL-group. It was absolutely new for me to meet people over several weeks only online and inContinue reading “Lessons learned”

Reflections on Open Networked Learning Course

Prior expectations: Thanks to our facilitators Sandeep and Karin at LTU, they briefed about structure and format of the new way of learning course. After reading through ONL website and orientation, I had few expectations; to learn about new way of learning method of problem based learning with emphasis on collaboration and openness from differentContinue reading “Reflections on Open Networked Learning Course”

Something good

So I was really sad about the end of ONL 201 and I kind of down in the dumps, as you can see here <;. I just finished writing that, and, as it is supposed to be, I&#821…