Reflections on Open Networked Learning Course

Prior expectations: Thanks to our facilitators Sandeep and Karin at LTU, they briefed about structure and format of the new way of learning course. After reading through ONL website and orientation, I had few expectations; to learn about new way of learning method of problem based learning with emphasis on collaboration and openness from differentContinue reading “Reflections on Open Networked Learning Course”

Something good

So I was really sad about the end of ONL 201 and I kind of down in the dumps, as you can see here <;. I just finished writing that, and, as it is supposed to be, I&#821…

Reflection on my learning and development during ONL 201

Dear ONL 201 organizers and facilitators, and the PBL team 11, I want to express my gratitude to you for a great learning experience! My goals to participate the ONL course were to experience a collaborative online course from the student’s perspective and get new ideas to improve my own teaching. These goals have been … Continue reading Reflection on my learning and development during ONL 201

Welcome to Topic 5 – concluding week: Lessons learnt – future practice

OK, so twelve weeks later, how are things? If you take a short moment to think, at how you felt at the start of ONL201 around late-February and how you feel now, about the digital stuff that’s available out there, about your own capability? We hope you have found what you were looking for when […]

Topic 5: End of a journey

The ONL course is almost over. What a journey!I learned many things through my engagement in this course. First of all, I experienced how it is to learn through sharing experiences, concepts and ideas and through building your own experiences togethe…