In this final blog, we are asked to reflect about lessons learnt and future practices. To summarize, in the beginning of the course I was kind of LOST. Unknown course concepts, challenges and people lying ahead and on top of it: online… Got enough of online in 2020 I wanted to shout, but well, what can you do?! I really wanted to learn more.

And then, at the end of the course, it turned out that I have been… maybe not “FOUND” or rescued, but I have encountered and met ideas, tools, concepts and people, and in some way that experience has made me calmer even though I realise now even more than before the ONL course how much I don’t know and master.

We were given some questions we could answer and I think would like to share my answer to one of them:

“What are the most important things that you have learnt through your engagement in the ONL course? Why?”

I have been aware of the importance to activate students before the course, but I have for the first time really experienced the power of collaborative learning, what a Community of Inquiry can achieve. It has been great to be put into the shoes of a student and to experience this, but I also think I have been very lucky with my PBL group: what would have happened if I wouldn’t have met these wonderful people? I think my learning would have looked much different and I think it would have been… worse. 

How can I make sure that my students will have a positive experience if I incorporate collaborative learning in a greater extend into our course(s)? What other means can I use to activate them? Will we be able to provide the framework and instruction/facilitation that is needed to achieve a good outcome? The resources are of course limited. Will it be possible considering the constraints from the existing structures in our programs and courses to do something good? 

Photo by Alexandre Guimont on Unsplash

I know for sure I am not finished with the ONL course. I want to learn more about some theories for example, such as Lev Vygotskij’s and John Dewey’s ideas, and of course, I want to read more of my course colleagues’ blogs and presentations (please don’t delete them;-)), and I am sure there will be more to read once I do that! 

At the very end, I again would like to adress the other course participants, the course organisers and especially my PBL group (Erica, Kristina, Maria, Mats, Patricia, Ting, and the facilitators Anna and Gregor): you have really made this course special and I would not have managed without you! I hope we will stay in touch and continue to support each other and to have fun sometimes:-)

Stay safe!

Lessons learnt and the future…