5. The course has ended, but collaborative learning continues

“COVID-19 pandemic came unexpectedly and this course was still completely unaffected by the virus. In fact, the course became a necessity and enabled both educators and learners to explore new tools and put theoretical knowledge into practice. It was also a key part of our social life!” – Summary of the course by PBL groupContinue reading “5. The course has ended, but collaborative learning continues”

4. Socializing during online learning with a great camera game

With the current situation, I assume that everyone working at universities or institutions have been in an online teaching-learning environment. Have you met the difficulties in engaging the students at these online or blended learning conditions? Have you encountered situations that on ZOOM teaching, the only people turning the camera on are yourself and theContinue reading “4. Socializing during online learning with a great camera game”


3. Learning in communities – networked collaborative learning

What is the difference between collaboration and cooperation? When you recall your own or your student’s group work, has the work been done more cooperatively or collaboratively? Have you been in the situation that your brain can only be triggered or your energy can only be focused on the matters when you are in aContinue reading “3. Learning in communities – networked collaborative learning”


First blog on open networked learning

Before the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, I registered the open networked learning ( course on the open networked learning, which was almost completely a puzzle at the time, but actually turned out to be priceless at the end. Initially, what drew my attention was the program and the format of the course. It willContinue reading “First blog on open networked learning”