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How to design an iclusive learning experience ?

Advances in Neuroscience and education research revealed that learning is as unique to individuals as their fingerprints or DNA , so how can teachers design a personalized learning experience for diverse students needs , abilities and intelligences? The UDL ( Universal Design for learning) could be one of the framework that can help teachers inContinue reading “How to design an iclusive learning experience ?”


How learning occurs in the information age ?

We are living in an information age that is characterized by increasing information about everything and anything available anywhere and everywhere. And because our cognitive capacity is limited , knowledge can be held by many different people interacting through networks or communities . So what is the difference between networks and communities and how connectionsContinue reading “How learning occurs in the information age ?”


Topic 1: Digital Literacies

So this blog post is slightly later than usual as life kicked in and some things get kicked to the curb.I’ve been teaching online for the past 6–7 months, however this is my first time participating in an online course myself. I will say it has given m…

Open Learning – sharing and openess

What openness means for my own practice My grandfather and grandmother were born in the 1890s. They grew up during the industrialization period, and experiences an enormous technological development for example telephone and television. As children of poor farmers were opportunity for schooling limited. Grandma told me that she had been privileged to go to …