What comes to mind when we think of the Word «open»? A feeling of freedom or are you a bit agoraphobic? Do you want a 360 degree view, or do you feel better if your view is – if not more limited – at least a bit more directed or guided? These are some ofLes meir “OPEN”


breakfast cereal

The scenario for the week reminds me of a movie called the “Hurt Locker”. Here, the main actor (dunno his name) of the movie bravely enters a super market, only to be faced with the daunting task of staring down the isl of countless boxes of breakfast cereals, doing all of this with the infinitely […]


Life as a New Blogger

Week 2: Still trying to master this blog thing. Links are not functioning correctly and unsure if there is enough time in the day to be a professional blogger. other than that, the fish model looks interesting and am catching up on the video’s on ONL. looking interesting and I am most certainly not used […]

Connecting Week Reflections

During and after my graduate studies, I have taken many different courses in different formats and shapes. Almost all of these courses have been rather ‘typical’ in that they involved people (i.e., students and teachers) who are physically co-located and adopted standard pedagogical tools (e.g., reading & writing assignments, classroom discussions, presentations etc.). When IContinue reading “Connecting Week Reflections”

Here we go

Phew, my kids would be frustrated watching me suffer when watching me hesitate at every step when setting up this blog. But here I am, determined to become less of a ”digital native”. My profession is far from computers and understanding digital tools – it feels as if I am learning a whole new professionFortsätt läsa “Here we go”


First Thoughts

Hello everyone, so we kicked off with the first week or so of ONL and things are getting interesting. We did a presentation collaboration for our first task and my highlight color is purple (long story). Also got to meet the team, and, am thoroughly enjoying the overall vibe of the awesome peeps in the […]