Topic 2 – Embracing Open Learning and Nurturing Belonging

In the realm of open learning, the ethos of sharing and openness serves as a guiding principle, shaping the dynamics of collaborative knowledge exchange and fostering a sense of belonging within learning communities. Reflecting on my experience within a Problem-Based Learning (PBL) group in the Open Networked Learning (ONL) community, I’ve come to realize the […]


Knowledge Without Walls

The idea of learning being free always seemed like a utopian fantasy to me – something ideal but perhaps unattainable. Yet, we are witnessing a movement towards this dream in an era where knowledge begins to flow with a freedom similar to music on Spotify and YouTube. It’s a growing trend where the expertise of […]

A Closer Look at Sharing and Openness in Education

In today’s day and age, Open Learning and sharing have become more relevant than ever before. With the advent of the internet and advanced technologies, learning has undergone a major transformation. However, this transformation has given rise to some concerns and questions regarding the impact of Open Learning on traditional methods of learning. One such…

Topic 2: Is this open?

This topic was a bit strange for me. Mostly because I was travelling, meeting an awful lot of new people and getting a real introduction to the context of my new job for a large part of the topic. This meant that I could not attend the middle two PBL g…