I came across this when surfing the web about connected learning:


It made me think about teaching and learning – once again.

At the institution where I am teaching the thinking about learning and teaching is quite modern. Our ways of working in groups, this includes both teachers and students, open possibilities for shared thinking and learning. Collaborating with other teachers inside a course always opens up for thinking and reflecting together. This way of sharing within the teacher community of course reflects on the students.

I have found many students annoyed by our way of teaching. They are used to a more traditional style, where the teacher tells you what to do and when. When the responsibility of learning is put on the students it awakes some feelings. Anxiety is one of these feelings. As a teacher we must deal with these feelings: Help the students recognize them, understand them and to deal with them. It is also really important to explain why we have chosen to teach the way we do.

Connected learning and teaching styles