Having shared and heard experiences on the digital age, I
must say it was a steep learning experience. I thought I was digital literate
but I soon found out there was much more to learn in the digital space than I had
anticipated.  These last two weeks have suddenly
opened my horizons in the digital space. 
Initially, I could characterize myself as a digital visitor but
gradually becoming resident to use the current terminology (White, D. & Le
Cornu, A. (2011) Visitors and residents: A new typology for online engagement.
First Monday, 16(9).

I had tended to separate my professional life and personal
life in the digital space but with use of twitter and other technologies, am
learning to overcome by reservations (Developing digital literacies (2014) JISC
guide).  Certainly, one cannot just have
the two apart having nothing to do with each other; sooner or later they mix as
I become more comfortable in the digital space. 

This course, ONL, has meant a lot to me so far.  I was a bit skeptical initially, but I have gradually
become passionate especially in trying out new technologies that I thought were
for the younger generation. One aspect that helped in this journey is the use
of resources availed in the topic. This required extensive reading and so I had
to fight to get extra time from my usual study to keep up.  Sometimes I travel a lot; a good opportunity to
have uninterrupted reading on particular publications.

After this course, am reflecting; what next to go deeper
into these aspects.  Let us wait and see.

Digital Literacy