We laugh about such historical pictures, but is this style of teaching really gone?

How about new learning theories and the learning practice?

Digital learning in the 21st century does not mean automatically progressive learning theories or pedagogy as Georg Siemens not so long ago pointed out:

I posted my ideas to overcome this on the padlet of „Design fo Online and Blended learning“:

Reform education (by Sabine PBL gr. 16)

I see here the rediscovery of reform pedagogy. It is no surprise that John Dewey and “Community of Inquiry” are named together (expl: Czujko-Moszyk.pdf ). Is the real breakthrough of the ideas in educational reform now coming from global digitization? Will we come closer to the ideals of humanistic education?

If we extract the (old and new) reform pedagogical ideas, we will be able to draw from Anton Semjonowitsch Makarenko’s Collective Education as well as from Kersten Reich’s Constructivist Didactics. Knowledge about pedagogy and educational science needs to be upgraded, as well as the use of this knowledge and further development in the digital framework.

Two slides for the group discussion might explain from a different perspective:

Progessive pedagogy might win more hearts and mind through online teaching?!

Nuremberg funnel is out! ?