3 thoughts on “Overcoming the challenges of designing and implementing online and blended learning

  1. Hi Group,
    I find the tool you used for this assignment to be interesting, is this like a video application within the googledocs/googledrive or did you simply imbbed in googledrive? Just curious!

    You mentioned getting to know the students and their digital skills as one of the steps.This is certainly an important strategy in order not to assume every student knows or will at least catch up along the way. How can this be done practically and within the time frame for the course in terms i.e. covering all intended learning outcomes, examination etc? Do you suggest it should be done before or within the course?

    1. Hi Leah,

      We used PowerPoint for the presentation. It was prepared exactly as you would a slide presentation, then we added music to it, and it was exported as a video.

      With regards to your second question, we as a group discussed this and agree that the getting to know phase should be done before the actual work begins, just like the ONL course where the first two weeks were spent connecting with each other.

      However we do also recognise that some students may decide not to participate in the connecting phase, in which case, a simple survey could work too. Or you can get the students to send a introduction letters to you.

  2. Nice presentation which put together most of the contents in this topic! Sometimes it is nice with a simple and nice presentation like a video slide show.
    Regarding “getting to know each other and grasp the digital tools” this is something that I will address in a better way in the future. In a blended course where I meet the students irl I have scheduled a whole day for just getting to know each other and to try out the course platform and one or two other digital tools. In online courses this is as you said – some use the allotted time to get to know each other and others do not. Maybe I will add simple survey in the future.

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