Venn diagram of how the ONL202 course incorporates the Community of Inquiry

Learning by Design

A traditional university course is not simply a matter of uploading content online and hoping that the same learning outcomes to be achieved, although the majority of lecturers had little choice but to proceed in this manner in 2020. Pandemic-era teaching has probably been the best demonstration of how much more thought is necessary to… Continue reading Learning by Design

4. Socializing during online learning with a great camera game

With the current situation, I assume that everyone working at universities or institutions have been in an online teaching-learning environment. Have you met the difficulties in engaging the students at these online or blended learning conditions? Have you encountered situations that on ZOOM teaching, the only people turning the camera on are yourself and theContinue reading “4. Socializing during online learning with a great camera game”


Reflection on topic 4: design for online and blended learning

We are approaching the end of the Open Networked Learning course. This time we have addressed topic 4, being the focus on technology-enhanced learning design, which is one of my top practice and research interests within my academic trajectory in educational technology. On the other hand, of course, the topic comes now really timely, since… Continue reading Reflection on topic 4: design for online and blended learning