Problem Based Learning Group Experience

It was my turn to be a co-leader for this topic and so I want to take a moment to reflect on the experience of being in a problem-based learning group. In short, what I loved about the PBL group experience was: Sense of community within group The single most important activity for building a […]

The Future is Blended

While I like blended learning because the learning environment and tools can be expanded to accommodate different types of learners with different schedules, paces of learning and communication preferences, I personally do not enjoy hybrid classes. Having students simultaneously in the classroom and online in my experience is a sub-optimal situation, as the teacher isContinue reading “The Future is Blended”


blended and online teaching and learning and design frameworks Hi! In our PBL#6 group work I looked into the asynchronous activities in blended learning. My very brief and rather superficial review of the literature suggested by ONL211 yielded the text you may browse below, titled “Elaboration”. The text is a review and light reflexion of […]

Do we need to think differently? (ONL202 Topic 4)

The topic 4 in ONL202 was about designing your course and teaching for online and blended learning environments. Moving away from the classical campus-based teaching towards online and blended learning forms has been challenging for most of us, especially during the year 2020 where everyone was forced to do this overnight. At our university, IContinue reading “Do we need to think differently? (ONL202 Topic 4)”


Community of Inquiry and Online Learning

  Community of inquiry (Col) helps in designing and delivering online learning groups of individuals are involved in a process of empirical or conceptual inquiry into problematic situations. Col highlights three presences – the social presence, cognitive presence and teaching presence – which has been used a lot in the online learning context where theContinue reading “Community of Inquiry and Online Learning”


Design for online and blended learning – a challenge and a chance

The forth topic in the ONL202 course, “Design for online and blended learning” has probably been the most comprehensive topic in the whole course and it kind of connects all other topics. It has been a challenge, mainly because I could not dedicate as much time as I had wished for reading and thinking duringContinue reading “Design for online and blended learning – a challenge and a chance”

Venn diagram of how the ONL202 course incorporates the Community of Inquiry

Learning by Design

A traditional university course is not simply a matter of uploading content online and hoping that the same learning outcomes to be achieved, although the majority of lecturers had little choice but to proceed in this manner in 2020. Pandemic-era teaching has probably been the best demonstration of how much more thought is necessary to… Continue reading Learning by Design