Dear colleagues,

As previously announced the course Open Networked Learning (ONL151) will start on April 14th 2015 and the registration for open learners is now open! Please find more information at the registration page and consider joining us!

For an overview of the course, please see ONL151 overview and schedule. There you will find times and dates for each of the topics and scheduled webinars and activities. Some additional webinars with invited guests and other synchronous activities will be added to the schedule in due course. Additional course information about the ONL learning environment, tools and topics will be added prior to the start of the course.

Google+ communities will be used as the base for communication and collaboration. Joining the ONL community in G+ will serve as a confirmation of your participation in the course. The community will be opened up during the week prior to the start of the course.

You are welcome to subscribe to this ONL site to keep up-to-date (se the left right margin, enter your email address and click Follow). All material from the autumn course is available under the tab ONL141.

Kind regards,
the ONL team

Registration for Open Networked Learning is open!

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