I feel like I am in the middle of a story and it’s impossible to tell what I have learnt through the ONL course right now—it’s only confusion. Honestly, this course has been challenging and quite frustrating at times. But also, challenging in a good way and inspiring. The design and software logistics of this course is brilliant, and I think it is one aspect of its success, other important aspects are the facilitators—mine was absolutely awesome: with fearless warmth and humor she guided us through the course. I’m also so grateful for my peers. Anyone could at any time say; ‘I don’t’ know how to that’ and someone would immediately step in and help. As for my thoughts about using technology to enhance learning/teaching—well this is how we learn, isn’t it? We have always used technology to enhance learning/teaching. I’m thinking we need to further develop critical digital didactics; that goes beyond developing critical media literacy. But rather; deconstructing social, political, economic aspects of digital media and also constructing ed-tech in order to create change.

Our future practices need to focus not only on creating solutions to our most urgent problems but push future technological development in the directions we want.

Topic 5. Lesson learnt?