Dear all, Welcome to ONL191 and PBL Group 4! I’m Tore Nilsson and I work at Stockholm University. I’m a senior lecturer in language education and part-time pedagogical developer. Together with Fernanda Lacerda I’m facilitating this group, and I’m really looking forward to this and to meeting you all later this week. Fernanda and I have scheduled two start-up meetings on Zoom where we will all get to know each other and talk about the course structure and activities.
The meeting times are:
Wednesday 27 February 18.00-19.00 CET (Please note that all meeting times are given in Central European Time)
Thursday 28 February 18.00-19.00 CET

We hope you can join one of the two meetings. Please respond to a poll about preferred time by clicking on this link:

In the Google Drive, you will see a document called PBL Group Meetings. Please check this for the link to the Zoom room. Please also look through the other folders in the Google Drive.

Before we meet, it would be great if you take a few minutes and introduce yourselves to the other members of the PBL group by posting an update here.
See you later this week!

Welcome to ONL191 and PBL Group 4!

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