The (delightfully) macabre stories of host behavior manipulations by parasites

Are you truly the master of your own behaviors? This lecture presents some examples that may make you think twice! I presented this lecture to acquire the title of Docent in Biology from the Lund University, Sweden. The aim was for my peers to judge my teaching competences, and for me to convey a message … Continue reading The (delightfully) macabre stories of host behavior manipulations by parasites


Teaching Symbiosis in Yaoundé, Cameroon

I went to Cameroon to develop international relationships with potential local collaborators. I visited the International Institute for Tropical Agriculture (IITA) and the Congo Basin Institute (CBI, affiliated to UCLA in USA), which are two well-implanted Institutes in the Yaoundé region. And I visited the University of Yaounde 1, department of animal biology, to give … Continue reading Teaching Symbiosis in Yaoundé, Cameroon