ONL192 starts September 16!

The next iteration of Open Networked Learning, ONL192, starts on 16 September 2019. We will soon be publishing the course overview and will be updating the web site during August. Participants from the following partner institutions for ONL192 can register for the course via their internal registration channels: Karolinska Institutet, Lund University, Linnaeus University, Stockholm […]

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Define success

  I hav e recently been approached to be part of local success stories. This caught me by surprise as I didn’t think of myself worthy enough to feature if I must be completely honest. I have a tendency for undermining myself and then after a good self pep talk I realize that I am […]


Have you ever found yourself having specific ideas about how your life should be, and setting up goals which you so badly wish to accomplish – but somehow you just don’t seem to get there? Of course you have. We all have. Including me. Whether we are held back by a lack of motivation or […]

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Topic 5: My Reflections on how ONL will influence my practice

What are the most important things that I have learnt through my engagement in the ONL course? Why? The most important thing I have learned in this course is the use of internet technologies to communicate and collaborate in an educational context. Why? Technology has made teaching/learning much easier compared to traditional class rooms or face to … Continue reading Topic 5: My Reflections on how ONL will influence my practice