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Topic 5: My Reflections on how ONL will influence my practice

What are the most important things that I have learnt through my engagement in the ONL course? Why? The most important thing I have learned in this course is the use of internet technologies to communicate and collaborate in an educational context. Why? Technology has made teaching/learning much easier compared to traditional class rooms or face to … Continue reading Topic 5: My Reflections on how ONL will influence my practice


That is it! The ONL191 came to an end, and although I did miss the last week of the course due to busy field work in another country, I still think I did take as much as I could from the course. I registered to the course in the Fall 2018 with the idea in … Continue reading Reflecting


My Final Plog

Yes, you read right – Plog, not blog. So, what is is? Well, during one of our sessions we came up with the term plog: a professional blog. You might remember reading in one of first posts, the challenge I faced as to whether I would write professionally or as the true me. I chose … Continue reading My Final Plog