Collaborative learning_ How can its full potential really be achieved?

Before I had this session in the course, I have often mixed up the meaning of collaborative learning with that of corporative learning in the sense that I have seen them as one and the same. While discussing the meaning of this type of learning with my group members, it was clear to me thatContinue reading “Collaborative learning_ How can its full potential really be achieved?”


Building trust

Topic 3 was about Learning in communities – networked collaborative learning. We all have been there- taking part of a group work where communication halted. With social loafers that just want to hitchhike along not putting any effort into the work, or with a dominant person taking charge and decides pretty much everything themselves. Or, perhapsFortsätt läsa “Building trust”


Networked Collaborative Learning – an intriguing journey

“Learning in communities – networked collaborative learning”, topic 3 in the ONL course this autumn has been intriguing. Intriguing because of possibilities, the massive amount of literature and studies that have been produced and because this knowledge has been there for DEACADES: I wonder why there have not been more collaborative learning events in theContinue reading “Networked Collaborative Learning – an intriguing journey”

Learning in personal communities (ONL202 Topic 3)

The topic 3 in ONL202 course addressed the importance of creating communities of learning. This aspect can be discussed from two different perspectives – teacher and student. In both cases, creating a personal learning network (PLN) is of great importance to facilitate learning. The definition and type of members in the PLN for a teacherContinue reading “Learning in personal communities (ONL202 Topic 3)”


3. Learning in communities – networked collaborative learning

What is the difference between collaboration and cooperation? When you recall your own or your student’s group work, has the work been done more cooperatively or collaboratively? Have you been in the situation that your brain can only be triggered or your energy can only be focused on the matters when you are in aContinue reading “3. Learning in communities – networked collaborative learning”


Topic 3: Learning in communities – networked collaborative learning

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay I like to think that I have been an early adopter of learning in communities. My Personal Learning Networks have evolved over time – beginning with face to face communities such as TeachMeet NSW: “​TeachMeets are free, informal, collaborative experiences organised by educators, for educators in order to share … Continue reading Topic 3: Learning in communities – networked collaborative learning

Collaborative learning for the society?

The three main functions of universities are often described to be education, research and serving society. These functions are intertwined, but here I’m focusing especially on the third one – serving the society – in relation to collaborative learning in education. Teaching students to be academics and professionals in their fields can of course beContinue reading “Collaborative learning for the society?”