Hi, everyone and welcome to PBL group 3,

This week we will meet in a big webinar at monday at 11, but myself (facilitator) and Alexandra (co-facilitator) have also planned for the groups first meetings:

First week:
We hope to see you ALL on Monday 25/2 at 16.00 CET, Thursday 28/2 at 16.00 CET, and we also have an extra meeting time friday at 8.00 CET (if you can’t attend at least one of the others). Please let us know here (as a reply) if you can’t attend a meeting.

For the upcoming weeks we have SUGGESTIONS for meeting times:
Mondays at 16.00, and Thursdays at 8.00
Is this good? We can discuss this in our meetings.

Where will we meet?; We suggest this link to Zoom for every group meeting: https://mdh-se.zoom.us/my/lotta

It’s very exciting to start this group work. I’m looking forward to see you ALL!!! <3

Meeting times

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