Hi and welcome to the Patrik’s ONL191 blog space!

This is my first entry in the newly established BLOG: Patrik’s thoughts on open networked learning. Here I will share my thoughts and ideas related to the topic, based on what I pick up from the course ONL191. 

I am enrolled in the course ONL191 as an Institutional Learner at Mälardalen University (MDH). I am looking forward to this course and hope to learn many things that I can turn into practice in my online distance courses in the subject of environmental engineering at MDH.

We initiated the work with developing and giving online distance courses in environmental engineering in 2017. The first course, Introduction to Environmental Engineering was first given in the autumn of 2017 and then also in the autumn 2018. The format that we developed for that course was a success, and we have now developed and are giving five distance courses, two on undergraduate level and three on advanced level, in environmental engineering. The coming autumn we will offer as many as 12 online distance courses in environmental engineering at MDH!

If there is any interest in hearing more about our approach towards online distance courses, then I am more than willing to share how we done this and what lessons we have learnt on the way.

Wish you a good day, and hope to see you here at the Patrikk66ONL191 blogg soon again.

First entry into the BLOG Patrik’s thoughts on open networked learning