New Challenges, New Ideas

Nasubukan mo na bang hulihin ang hangin? (Have you ever tried to chase the wind?)

— Apolinario Mabini

Hi Everyone.

I am Eugene, a lecturer at the National University of Singapore. I am in the field of occupational medicine and I have been in academia since 2006, and currently teaching anatomy, physiology, and pathophysiology.

I recently joined ONL 192 and I am ready to face new challenges and learn new ideas from educators from around the world. New challenges because on top of the busywork that we do at the university, I would want to devote some time to learn new things. With “new” things come some challenges. I would want to believe and to think that I am not “IT-challenge”, and that I have intermediate knowledge in using IT technologies and how to maneuver in the digital space. Nevertheless, I predict as I go along this learning journey, that I will struggle in learning new digital platforms and getting used to the new online interfaces. With my head up, for the pursuit of new ideas and knowledge, I will try my best to learn and eventually use things I come across in this course in my class, hoping this will benefit my students.

Worry aside, I am happy and looking forward to learning new things! Here’s to new experiences!!!

My First Blog Post