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The third topic in #ONL191 is concerned with learning in communities, obviously with the focus on the networked aspect.  There is a lot of interesting evidence for the advantages of online working, most interestingly to me how this can promote higher-order thinking, meaning that students have more time to reflect and develop their ideas.  A […]

PBL Work, Topic 3, Group 3

Online collaboration includes and requires social and cognitive presence from the participants in association with the functions of teaching presence; design, facilitation and direction. According to literature, different aspects affect the learning process, especially regarding online learning and collaboration. We have chosen to focus on motivation, relationships on learning communities, curiosity, and sense of community.  Check out our work […]


Cooperation vs Collaboration: Spot the difference

It has been whirlwind of activities for me on the professional, and personal front over the past month or so, making it a lot more challenging for me to keep up with my ONL work. But with the support of my group members and facilitators, I kept at it and I am where I am now, thankfully. Huge thanks to Elaine and David for the …


Reflective post on PK’s blog Topic 3

Reflecting on Networking and Collaborative Learning Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay For topic 3 on the course ONL191 the focus was on networked and collaborative learning, a very relevant and challenging topic. This was a very appreciated topic as collaborative learning is something that is high on the agenda for me and my colleagues currently … Continue reading “Reflective post on PK’s blog Topic 3”