Openness and self-directed learning in medical statistics

Mesfin Tessma The use of open educational resources in teaching and learning statistics have shown remarkable progress. Statistical teachers and experts in statistical pedagogy have reflected that the use of open educational resources (OER) may strengthen independent or self-directed learning (SDL) in statistics (Ben-Zvi and Garfield, 2008); Garfield and Ben-Zvi, 2007). Students involved in different … Continue reading Openness and self-directed learning in medical statistics

PBL 5’s collaborative journey to sharing and openness

This is the collaborative work of PBL Group 5 for Topic 2 Open Learning – Sharing and Openness. We used a grounded approach to the FISh model by first talking about our personal journey towards “openness”. We expressed hesitations and worries but mostly, we shared optimism and zest to the wonders and promises of open […]

Sharing and Openness

The second topic on #ONL191 has been sharing and openness, and the kick-off was a presentation by Alastair Creelman and Kay Oddone.  This has been followed up by various activities to explore advantages, disadvantages, levels and practicalities. My thoughts are this are not well-organized, and run into well-known linguistic issues – does open mean accessible […]

Institutional Impact and Practical Implications of Open Learning

Open learning can be described in terms of following aspects: Institutional Impact of Open Learning Practical Implications of Open Learning The institutional impact can be further categorized as: a. Benefits b. Challenges c. Advantages d. Disadvantages e. Institutional Support f. Techniques for Structure and Discipline to Assist The Practical Implications can also be sub-divided as: […]