How do my students manage that? They work, most of them full-time, have families and study a master-programme – all at the same time. I always had the biggest respect for them, but now, being in a kind of the same position – but only for some weeks and without grades – I don´t know how they manage it. Although due to the Corona-shut-down all my free time-activities have been cancelled, I have problems to find the time for my ONL-tasks. How would it have been without the lockdown? So, while everybody complains that he or she doesn´t know what else to do on the next long weekend I spend my time in research about collaborative learning. However, I chose this course and I´m really happy I did – although at the moment it might sound differently.

It gives me reason to think about programme designs and to think critically about alternatives in the designs. Especially this week’s topic about collaborative learning. Would it be possible to use it in every subject? For example collaboration in mathematical topics often ends in one person finding the solution and explaining it to the rest of the group – or just passing the solution on. How would real collaboration look like here? Off course, there are also group discussions and working in teams really helps to put a decent proof together. Still, many teachers assume that group work ends in a kind of fraught or at least in simply splitting the tasks. Nevertheless, I think collaboration is also possible here. Maybe we have to change the tasks we choose, but it would be a start. There are also so many tools which make collaboration easier. Especially in these days there seem to be new devellopments continually. So as teachers we should learn more about the possibilities of using collaborative tools. In the end, all our students will have to collaborate at work. That´s what we should prepare them for.