Practice meets theory & presence develops from presence

Dear reader, The topic this week, Design for online and blended learning, relates to a current development project that I am involved in at my institution. This autumn, I have been streamlining and updating a blended course on Academic Writing together with a colleague, as part of a wider collection and network of online learningContinue reading “Practice meets theory & presence develops from presence”

Where, how, what, and with whom will you learn today?

Dear Reader, Our third topic on our ONL-course was Learning in Communities – networked collaborative learning. In other words, this topic is also the embodiment of our work in action during this course. While investigating this topic, I have thus also spent a lot of time navel-gazing and trying to observe our working methods fromContinue reading “Where, how, what, and with whom will you learn today?”

Made with Padlet

Topic 2: Openness and sharing – do these keys really unlock that door?

Dear reader, The second topic of our intensive ONL-course began with the Padlet exercise and discussion (; embedded below), where Kay Oddone and Alastair Creelman had posted a video on openness in education for us to watch ( The video was captivating, and I was very curious to learn more about the possibilities of openness […]


Boundaries & engagement

Dear reader, It is almost a norm today to be digitally literate, or, at least, to aspire to be such. This is my view of the matter, at least, and I cannot seem to decide whether for me it is a dystopian view and a destructive norm to be resisted, or simply a natural consequence […]


The beginning…

Dear reader, First steps are baby steps – right? The ONL course has started, and I suppose I should try to learn how to use WordPress before we actually “have” to produce text and publish something on our new blogs. So, what better way than to start doing the doing, as my dear thesis supervisor […]