Connecting week meme

Hi all!!

       These past weeks have been amazing! Amazingly busy with a huge change in my learning vision. It worth every minute!

        In this Topic 5 we were supposed to summing up our experience in ONL. I didn’t want to write again about the past topics (you can read my thoughts about them in the previous posts). Since, our task during this final week was to do a meme, I decided to do a meme for each week, with the main idea in my conception about them.

Connecting week meme

Topic 1

Topic 2

Topic 3

Topic 4

Topic 5

So, what I’ll write in this post?

About methodologies used in the course and my impressions about it.


      Here I’m going to highlight how I loved Zoom. The first webinar had around 80 people from all around the world, talking and seen each other live! I already add Zoom in my workday and presented it to some colleagues. Cheers to technology!

     Some of these webinars had break outs, to interaction in small groups. This part I thought a little bit confused. Too fast to have a nice conversation. And for those who watch the recording later for not be able to attend the live meeting, as I did a couple of times, it’s confusing to follow the progress of the meeting after the return. Use of platforms like Mentimeter brought a very interesting interactivity.


        Unfortunately, I couldn’t make to any of them. Either they were too early in the dawn in my time zone or I had another appointment. It is something that I will try in another ONL course (and yes, I want to have another ONL round in the future!).

Weekly group meetings:

         That was the part I most enjoyed. I really made an effort to not miss our meetings. Of course, I couldn’t make a few and sometimes I had technological issues. Although I watched the recording later, it was not the same. Was nice to see how we were able to improve our communication and tasks development as time passed by. I could see us in the 5 stages model from week 1 to the last week. In some weeks we work so nice as a group that we were able to do our task mostly during our meetings, together.

PBL works tools:

        Each week we used a different toll to develop our topic work: Padlet, Powtoon, Prezi, Canva, Coggle and Imgflip. In addition, to Fish documents and Agenda Notes we used Google Docs. And, of course, the ONL community space. Add to that, other platforms were brought up to discussion, before we picked one. For sure all these tools will be added to my daily work and classes.


       As I keep repeating along my posts, this is the part that I most struggled. I never thought about write a blog. And I am not sure either why I didn’t enjoy it so far. But I must confess, I won’t miss it! Maybe in a future I give it another try and see how it goes.

      Closing up, I would like to thank to all ONL organisers for their  wonderful job!

And last but not least, I want to talk to my dearest group 5!

Thank you to our facilitators Lotta and Clive for the awesome job they did helping and guiding us.

To Heli, Thaiure, Nosi and Marion, thank you so much for sharing your knowledge, experience and collaboration during these weeks!

I really hope that we can keep in touch to continue to share our experiences!

PBL Group 5

And for all of you, I wish you a very happy holidays!

It is time to say see you later…