Good to see you here! You created your user account and you are able to explore the site and receive emails from us. This post is just a brief guide to get started quickly as institutional or open learner. In the confirmation mail which you have just received, you will find a link to this page for future reference.

ONL192 community space

In the ONL192 community space all the PBL group course activities, discussions and sharing will take place. Only institutional and open learners of the course will belong to the main ONL192 community. Here you can share and discuss with all course participants as well as the course team. 

You should at the moment have access to one group: #ONL192

Below is what you can do to get started!!

Google Drive

Apart from your user account on, you will need to have a Google account in order to access Google Drive. The Google drive folder of your PBL group will be integrated within each group space. If you have a email address, you also have a Google account and you are set. If you do not, please read on. The Google account does not necessarily have to be a e-mail address, though. You can create a google account and access Google Drive without a e-mail address. If you do not have a Google account sign up for one here.

Your blog

The course reflections are an important part of your learning process. In ONL you will publish your reflections on each topic on your own blog. Five blog posts are required if you want to receive a certificate for the course. Instructions and suggestions for this will be posted for every topic.

Things to do

  1. Introduce yourself in the #ONL192 group
  2. Create a Google account if you do not have one
  3. Create your blog
  4. Download and import categories if your blog is powered by WordPress
  5. Connect your blog to the ONL course homepage
  6. Please explore the site and make yourself comfortable

Read carefully all subpages with background information under the top menu “About ONL”.


If you have any questions about using the learning spaces mentioned above or any other difficulties in getting started with the course we will arrange a number of drop-in video meeting times where one of the course team will be waiting to help you during the first week of the course. Stay tuned for more information about it.