This blog post should have been posted on April 25th or so. But I was busy at that time and then it was forgotten. Anyhow, here it comes. Me and one of my peers was topic leaders during topc 3. And it was my task to make sure our Share-part was carried out. We agreed to make a mind map in Prezi for this and it worked fine when we made it. But then it was impossible for me to share it, not even to just share for viewing. I tried a million things (at least it felt like that) but it didn’t work. Then on Saturday morning I tried to change web browser and this solved all the problems. It felt so good but at the same time embarresing. I know that when things don’t work this should be one of the first things to test. It is like a “Norwegian reset” (or what Norwegians call Swedish reset). Anyhow, me and Prezi completed the task as friends. And that is good because now I have a positive feeling of Prezi instead the frustration of a failure. And now it is likely that I will actually use the Prezi again.
The ONL-course have opened up some doors for me by both giving examples of how learning networks can work and also how some software/web-sites can be used to facilitate these networks. If not pushed I tend to continue using the systems and methods I am used to use. So it is good to be forced to expand ones area of experience. I am convinced I will continue to work with teaching influenced by the ONL-course. I believe a good way to develop my work in learning networks is to discuss, share and to try something new now and then.
The Picture in this blog-post is from our final topic, lessons learnt, so it doesn’t really belong here. But I found this to be good. The evolution of a teacher may be related to this picture, starting from “Gollum” which so much is trying to keep the “precious” for himself developing all the way to the ONL-mindset where the teacher is happy to share.
This will be the last blog post during the ONL-course. But maybe this can continue to live as a blog of my life as a teacher. I have not decided yet.
All the best!/Ted

Delayed topic 3 blog