So this will be my first blogg post ever in my life!

I am now 47 years old and this is my first blog experience is not that amazing and its going to be about problem based learning and online network learning. Not exactly how one would picture blogging to be. 

Anyway – why am I interested in ONL (OnlineNetworkLearning) and PBL (ProblemBasedLearning)? Because in training nurses or even as a RN (RegisterdNurse) you work alot with PBL in RL (RealLife). So getting to know other forms of PBL and tools to enhance it would be excellent! And doing all of this training and gathering of information in an network of co-workers with the same passion and will – what a setup isnt`t! 

My aim will always be the student and my course set goal and how the students achieve those goals!

Stay tuned for my next posting that will then be NO 2 😀

One day at a time 2021-10-04 10:21:00