In the last topic we have discussed how to convince a department head that we need to work with online and blended learning. It has been good discussions and it is clear that we can come up with more reasons and arguments, both for and against, doing this together compared with if we had done this one by one.  I am going back to teaching now after about fifteen years and I am enthusiastic to get going.  Since the last blog I have made the first lecture in many years. And in these pandemic times I had really good use of my new knowledge from the ONL-course. The lecture was about leadership, the leaders responsibility and possibilities to create a working environment that is free of harrassment and promoting equality. The lecture was given in Zoom, using breakout room and padlett for making notes from group discussions. 
I Think it worked out well and I beleive I will have good use of the new skills I aquired during the ONL-course. 
We are now looking into making more of our courses as distans and partly online courses. We have not yet decided to make any open online course, but we use tools on the www and we offer them as distance courses. They are online, but not open/for free. But maybe in the future? Me and my collagues are now on a steep learning curve in how to go on line. 
Now I am looking forward to the last week of the course. The road may be twisting, but I think it will lead to an interesting future!

The road to…