“to be where you are expected to be”

Why is Presence so important?

 Why do we want Presence?

A good thing with “presence” in a group, working together, is that you will, at least ruffly, respond to the same stimuli, same tasks and same questions and approximately at the same time as the rest in the group.
But are you really always present to the same extent and manner as the rest in the group?
What if this presence of yours fluctuates?
What if only some parts of your mind is present?
What will happen then?
Let’s say
You hear what people say
You see what they write/show
You listen to the task and questions put forward…
But that’s the end of it!

Your mind just want to go out on a tour!!
The questions and information just triggered it!
 You suddenly became present in the world of your own…
After such a detour…

Is it possible to get back on track?
To find back the group?
Can the group benefit…
Can we make the group enjoy and benefit from your diversion?
To make your diversion part of the collaborative learning even?
Do our courses have a room and a way 
to allow and take care of “free associations”
Are such associations banished and put in prison?

Lets find a way to incorporate them

They do exist, they took some effort to create and
they might be of IMPORTANCE 
Vote for presence in every meaning of the word
The Trampoline 2020-12-07 13:25:00