Our group discussions were about how to share an online course, how to create open material, what the obstacles were and most importantly what the benefits were.

To me, openness has two perspectives. The first perspective is from the point of view of academics who will share their materials (they share their knowledge) and the second is from the viewpoint of those who will receive this knowledge. As for the first class of academics, many of them are hesitant to share their materials for many reasons, such as that someone else might take credit for their work, lack of motivation and / or rewards, or that this is not good enough to participate. While for the second class of academics , many of them are unable to reuse these materials for many reasons, such as infrastructure, environment or degradation. Because of Covid-19, more and more activities are taking place online, will this conclusively push both groups of academics to increase their online participation and collaboration in an effective way? I think YES.

And I believe that the long-term impact of Covid-19 on societies is more openness and collaboration in education.

Topic2: Openness of Education