I am not really satisfied with how to present from Keynote in a zoom lecture when your computer only has one screen. In this case, Keynote switches to full screen that hides the zoom controls when I present. I would like to have the option to present in a window (that you can do in PowerPoint  (this is actually the first thing that I think is better in PowerPoint if you compare to Keynote).

My workaround is that I present using the share Portion of the screen and only share the slide in the “edit mode”, but it behaves a bit strange sometimes and shows (wrong spelt words, unused titles etc). There is also a common workaround using Export to HTML that works fine in most cases (you get transitions and animations) but I had some problems when adding videos to the presentation.

How I use “share portion of the screen” when using a single screen.

Here I describe how you can work with two computers if you want to create a better overview.

Zoom and Keynote